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Marble Temple

Wat Benchamabopit - Marble Temple

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This Temple is a fine exemple of modern Thai art and was constructed with choise materials: Italias Carrara marble,  Chinese glazed tiles, etc.
The mais entrance is through a gate whose front in the form of a naga or snake is inspired by the old Khmer art.

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Marble Temple - Bangkok

Original photographs by Isnard Martins , 1998

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This magnificent monastery was built with white Italian marble from Carrara.The Marble Temple or "Wat Benjamabopit," as it is known in Thai, was constructed in 1899 A.D., during the reign of King Rama the 5th as the source of religious heritage for the future generations of Thais. The main shrine was originally intended to house a highly sacred and revered Buddhaimage known as Phra Buddha Shinaraja,which at the time was located in the province of Phitsanulok.

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