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The Oldest and Largest of the Bangkok Temples

Bangkok's  many Buddhist temples are usually the first sights the traveler encounters, some are more than 200 years old. The Oldest and Largest of the Bangkok Temples Wat Phra Jerupon - usually called Wat Po. Built in the 16th century, it took 12 years for Rama I to restore it, beginning in 1789. Its chief attraction is the massive Reclining Buddha. This Temple, as well as the Pagoda Fields, is also impressive because of the beautiful constructions : conic solid monuments, with small hand-made mosaics, representing the correct way of preaching to the Buddha.

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Original photographs by Isnard Martins , 1998

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Wat Pho, one of Bangkok's oldest and largest temples, located just south of the Grand Palace.  The plan of the buildings in WAT PO may seen somewhat intricate to the visitor who sees then for the first time, but it is in fact very simple. The central chapel or bot is in middle of a courtyard enclosed in a square gallery sheltering endless rows of images of the Buddha in a sitting posture. Each side of the gallery is interrupted by small chapels containing images of Buddha outside this kind  of cloister, and the west side are four hight  stupas ans a building containing a colossal image of the Reclining Buddha.
The Reclining Buddha is a enormous image of brick and concret,  measuring 46 meters long by 15 meters high and plated in gold. The four western stupas os PHRA CHEDIS are good specimens of modern Thai architecture.
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